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Ghost's Tobias Forge Picks His Dream Metallica Set List

Swedish occult rocker talks favorite thrash classics, 'Load'-era cuts, more
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Ahead of their upcoming opening slot for Metallica on a European leg of their WorldWired Tour, Ghost's mastermind Tobias Forge was asked by Metal Hammer to build his perfect Metallica setlist from start to finish. From his more traditional picks such as opening with "Battery" to his surprisingly mainstream closer choice of "Enter Sandman," Forge gives personal reasons for several tracks and even goes for a haircut-era track to mix it up. 

His pick for track two, "Creeping Death," comes with a bit of Metallica touring history for reference, "They used to open with this a lot, and I'm sticking it in the set early," says the singer, "They've not played it as much recently, so I'm bringing it back." He goes for a Black Album deep cut "Of Wolf and Man" next, explaining, "I'm not sure they play this very often. But I love it, especially that howling midsection."


"This is a very special part of the set," says Forge of his track eight pick "Fade to Black," claiming the song "showed even that early, they were willing to go to places that their peers were not." He then throws a wild card in the mix with "Until It Sleeps" from Load, Metallica's most controversial (and widely derided) record among serious thrash connoisseurs. The frontman doesn't exactly enjoy that album either, but justifies, "even I have to admit that this is a brilliant song, even though it's from an album that I am really not a fan of."

"Am I Evil" and "Master of Puppets" get their rightful shout-outs, but Forge decides his closer would be "Enter Sandman," Metallica's most popular song among casual fans and typical radio listeners. "The all-time greatest banger you can have," he says of the tune, "You can say whatever you like, but you can't argue with this song." Read all of his picks here.