Hear ACACIA STRAIN's brutal new song "Fresh Bones" | Revolver

Hear ACACIA STRAIN's brutal new song "Fresh Bones"

From their new album 'Step Into the Light'

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The Acacia Strain are not a band whose music has ever been associated with light, brightness or anything of the luminescent variety. In fact, the deathcore OGs have always sounded like they're trying their damnedest to suffocate every modicum of luster from the world with sludgy, lurching breakdowns and frontman Vincent Bennet's depressive hollers. So honestly, we don't know how to feel about the band naming their upcoming 11th album, Step Into the Light. Is this some kind of trap? 

Well, for anyone worried that the Acacia Strain have gone soft, you can rest easy. The album's new single is the wonderfully titled "Fresh Bones," and it's an absolute behemoth of a track that has all the brutal brilliance that fans have come to love about the the Acacia Strain. Listen above via YouTube. 

"As soon as you think you know what you're getting, we try to surprise you," Bennett said of "Fresh Bones." "Hold your breath for a bit — we might just surprise you again."

Out May 12th via Rise Records, Step Into the Light is the Acacia Strain's first album since 2020's Slow Decay. In addition to "Fresh Bones," the record also includes their late 2022 single, "Untended Graves," and the whole thing was produced by Randy Leboeuf, who also worked the boards on Slow Decay. 

Pre-orders are available now in a variety of formats, including a Revolver-exclusive vinyl variant on "pearlescent copper swirl" wax that's limited to just 400 copies worldwide. Get yours from our shop!