Hear THE ARMED's new "arena-rock" song "Everything's Glitter" | Revolver

Hear THE ARMED's new "arena-rock" song "Everything's Glitter"

Hardcore collective deliver catchiest song yet

It's time for another The Armed single. Last month, the Detroit hardcore collective announced their new album, Perfect Saviors, and dropped lead single "Sport of Form," a shimmering noise-rock anthem that featured none other than Iggy fucking Pop in its music video. 

Today (July 18th), they're back with another new jam called "Everything's Glitter," and the track is indeed another shiny, effervescent track that strips away their hardcore bark and builds their sound back up to a form of hooky, Strokes-indebted garage-rock. It still slaps like a gnarly punk song and it's definitely too noisy for the NYC indie kids, but yeah, it's catchy as fuck. 

Watch its colorful music video above via YouTube. 

"This track uses Bowie's famed first U.S. appearance in 1971 for a three-week press tour as a framing device to consider the razor's edge between icon and clown," says Armed frontman Tony Wolski. "It's funny how any genius must ultimately be willing to look like a complete fool. Perhaps fittingly, it's also the closest thing we've made to an arena-rock song."

Perfect Saviors is out in full on August 25th and pre-orders are available here.