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Hear CANDY's bizarre new song "Love Like Snow"

Richmond hardcore band return with new album in June

Richmond hardcore futurists Candy announced their new album It's Inside You earlier this month, and dropped a bonkers new cut called "eXistenZ" that we dubbed one of the week's best songs

Today (April 23rd), Candy have dropped another taste of their third LP called "Love Like Snow," and it's one of the most experimental tracks they've ever made. 

Featuring Fleshwater vocalist-guitarist Mirsy and Los Angeles electronic producer mmph, the track finds most of Candy's metallic hardcore interior gutted in place of glowing synths, clattering electronic drums, and industrial static, while frontman Zak Quiram sing-rap-yells, and Mirsy's heavenly voice provides tuneful background harmonies. 

It's a strange and cool track, and you can listen above via YouTube. 

It's Inside You is due June 7th via Relapse and available for pre-order now.