Hear Chelsea Wolfe's New Scorcher "Diana" for DC's 'Dark Nights: Death Metal' | Revolver

Hear Chelsea Wolfe's New Scorcher "Diana" for DC's 'Dark Nights: Death Metal'

Inspired by Wonder Woman's "strength and perspective" in the hit comic series

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Chelsea Wolfe has unleashed her very own soundtrack — well, kind of. The folk-metal singer recently voiced the iconic Wonder Woman in DC Comics' Sonic Metalverse audio-visual series, and now she's contributed an explosive song to its upcoming soundtrack that's directly inspired by the hero she portrayed, the venerable Diana Prince. 

Aptly titled "Diana," the four-minute scorcher features earth-shattering industrial soundscapes, blockbuster ambience and Wolfe's haunting croon billowing above it all. With help from her co-producer Ben Chrisolm and the Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack executive producer Tyler Bates (Guardians of the GalaxyWatchmenJohn Wick), the song sounds absolutely fucking gigantic — the perfect score for a figure like Wonder Woman. Listen above via YouTube.

"I really love the story and artwork of this Dark Nights: Death Metal series, and felt really drawn to Diana's part in the story — her strength and perspective," Wolfe commented. "There's this moment in the first comic book issue where she meets with Wally West and he's so drained from his travels and all he's had to do. I picked up on this intimate energy between them that felt almost romantic, but more just like two old friends who have an understanding between them — a moment of comfort and respite amongst all the fighting and chaos. I ended up writing this song about that encounter."

"Working with Tyler Bates on 'Diana' was a great experience," she added. "He's obviously so killer at creating music that feels like the soundtrack to your own movie, so between him and my co-producer Ben Chisholm there was this elevated sonic landscape surrounding the song that just brought it to a different level."

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