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Hear THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's heavy new version of "Reasons" featuring LØLØ

From dubstep to djent-quaked

When The Devil Wears Prada initially dropped the single "Reasons" last year, the collaborative track was marked with massively glitch-massaged electronic beatwork from Excision and Wooli. The metalcore outfit have, however, since gone on to transform the dubstep-styled song while out on the road, and they've now re-recorded "Reasons" to reflect its current live form.

While similar to the original, the updated version stands for a few reasons. For one, the previous power electronics breakdown has been amped-up with more prominent guitar work, giving that section more of a djent-heavy direction.

The new version also has Canadian indie-pop singer-songwriter LØLØ adding some extra vocal melodies to the piece in a way that "defies genre and captures the spirit of how the song feels in a full room going absolutely nuts," in the words of the Devil Wears Prada themselves.

"When we made 'Reasons' with Excision and Wooli, we knew we had to play it live because the energy was just so high," the band said in a statement. "We revamped the song to work in a TDWP set, and it went off so well that we decided to hit the studio and capture this new live version of the song."

LØLØ added of her guest spot: "I was really excited when TDWP asked me to feature on this track. I've always thought they were so awesome but never thought I'd end up collaborating on a track with them. I think I probably just got a lot cooler."

Despite dropping the original standalone "Reasons" single in 2023, as well as the synth-driven "Ritual," The Devil Wears Prada haven't issued an LP since 2022's Color Decay.

The band are keeping busy on the road, however, with a series of international festival dates booked through 2024, at which they'll presumably bound into "Reasons" at least a few times. You'll find all their tour dates here.