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Hear Dropdead's New Powerviolence Ripper "Flesh and Blood"

Anselmo-approved rabble-rousers prepping first album in over 20 years

Even if you've never heard Dropdead's music or caught them live, chances are you've seen their T-shirts. Pantera's Philip Anselmo, for one, rocks them regularly, and for good reason: Dropdead fucking rip. The Providence, Rhode Island, powerviolence veterans have been at it for a good three decades, blasting out politically charged hardcore-punk thrash deeply informed by the uncompromising likes of Siege, Crass, Swans, Infest, SSD, Gauze, Septic Death, Discharge, Anti-Cimex and others.

It's been over two decades since Dropdead released their last full-length, but that drought is about to end this fall. On September 25th, the band are set to unleash their long-awaited third album — which, like its predecessors, is titled simply Dropdead — on CD and digital formats, with a vinyl edition to follow. Pre-orders will go live on September 1st at Dropdeadhc.com, but ahead of all that, the group has teamed with Revolver today (August 12th) to premiere standout cut "Flesh and Blood" along with its gritty, black-and-white music video. Watch and listen above.

"Endless wars, endless strife," Dropdead vocalist Bob Otis tells us of the song, the scathing lyrics to which you can read below. "A perpetual warfare state that feeds the military system with flesh and blood. A new enemy, a new face to hate. We are programmed to distrust through propaganda and manipulative media.

"Force-fed xenophobia, racism and nationalism over endless news cycles. We are taught to fight against each other, embrace prejudices, and be the fodder in a class war. All the while the rich eat up the world like a vicious cancer, as the war machine keeps grinding, and whole nations fall to the bloodlust of unrestrained capitalism."

"Flesh and Blood" lyrics:
The pathway to the future
Is paved with flesh and blood
The bricks are cast from servitude
And bones ground into mud
Victory through agony
Lies and bitter hate
Propaganda, endless war
We are victims of the state

This is your institution
This is your magistrate
This is your fucking epitaph
In this system you create
A future of destruction
Behold the fascist state

A hell of your construction
Your silence seals your fate
This endless deconstruction
Only blood will satiate