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Hear Drowning Pool Honor Pantera on Wickedly Heavy New Song "Mind Right"

Texas band wrote a groove-metal tribute to Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell

For the last 20 years, Drowning Pool have consistently put out music that stretches beyond the pounding nu-metal of their 2001 debut, Sinner. At times, they've drifted into softer territory with a more grungey flavor, but whether you've been following their career the whole time or you haven't checked in since the iconic "Bodies," Drowning Pool's new song "Mind Right" is a crushingly heavy recalibration that pays direct homage to their Texas forefathers in Pantera — and it's a banger.

The track is the first single from Drowning Pool's new album Strike a Nerve, their first album in six years following 2016's Hellelujah. Blast "Mind Right" above and see what guitarist CJ Pierce had to say about it below. 

"'Mind Right' started with the core Drowning Pool sound, then really dug into our southern metal roots," Pierce said. "This song was written not long after Vinnie Paul died, as a tribute of sorts to him and Dime and a way for us to honor the impact Pantera had on our local Dallas scene. It's probably the heaviest song we've recorded, but it's the perfect way to close Strike A Nerve."

Strike a Nerve is due out September 30th and available for pre-order here.