Hear Evanescence's Amy Lee Duet With Ice-T on Body Count's New Song "When I'm Gone" | Revolver

Hear Evanescence's Amy Lee Duet With Ice-T on Body Count's New Song "When I'm Gone"

Urgent cut inspired by shooting death of Nipsey Hussle

West Coast hip-hop OG Ice-T's long-running metal band Body Count dropped its excellent new album, Carnivore, today (March 6th), and among the LP's many standout cuts is something most fans probably never thought they'd hear: a duet between Ice and Evanescence singer Amy Lee. The song, "When I'm Gone," comes eight-tracks deep into the album's 11-track run, and as the rapper and Law & Order: SVU star explains in its spoken-word intro, it was inspired by the tragic death of Ice-T's friend Nipsey Hussle, the rapper, activist and entrepreneur who was shot outside his store Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles in March last year. An urgent call for people to let their loved ones know how they feel while they are still alive, "When I'm Gone" finds Lee delivering characteristically soaring, operatic vocals ("this is our life/this is our time/this is our fire/we can't afford to waste a moment," she sings in the chorus) as Ice gruffly incites listeners to seize the day.

Revolver recently co-presented an exclusive Body Count listening party for Carnivore, which included a Q&A with Ice-T, hosted by SiriusXM Liquid Metal's Shawn "The Butcher" and livestreamed on Facebook. In addition to discussing Lee's guest appearance on the new album, Ice also shared a hilarious story regarding his first encounter with Power Trip's Riley Gale, old memories of collaborating with Slayer for the iconic Judgment Night soundtrack, and how he developed a great relationship with Jamey Jasta and Hatebreed — after realizing they weren't affiliated with the KKK. Watch below.