Hear Fister Descend Into the Abyss on Furious New Doom-Metal Song "I Am Kuru" | Revolver

Hear Fister Descend Into the Abyss on Furious New Doom-Metal Song "I Am Kuru"

St. Louis trio's latest misanthropic offering will appear on forthcoming album 'No Spirit Within'

St. Louis, Missouri, is typically a town associated with BBQ, baseball and Nelly, but Fister would like you to take a second to reevaluate that. The trio of bassist/vocalist Kenny Snarzyk, drummer Kirk Gatterer and guitarist-vocalist Marcus Newstead are here to make sure you are aware of the misanthropic doom hatred coming out of that city courtesy of Fister and their latest release, No Spirit Within, due on April 27th via Listenable.

The band's latest single "I Am Kuru," which premieres here today, is a crawling, furious doom-metal track that leans more Grief than Candlemass. The result is a harrowing and dark trip into the abyss and a subsequent call from the void — a terrifying track that should not be missed. 

Fister are on the road with Chrch in the coming weeks, details on said tour are below. 

Fister w Chrch
5/02/2018 Bar Loose – Helsinki, FI
5/03/2018 SubScene – Oslo, NO
5/04/2018 Northern Discomfort – Copenhagen, DK
5/06/2018 Desert Fest – Banury, UK
5/07/2018 The Wheatsheaf - Banbury, UK
5/08/2018 Nice N Sleazy – Glasgow, UK
5/09/2018 Head Of Steam – Newcastle, UK
5/10/2018 Temple Of Boom – Leeds, UK
5/11/2018 Magasin4 – Brussels, BE
5/12/2018 Halle Am Rhein – Cologne, DE
5/13/2018 Kafe Kult - Munich, DE
5/14/2018 Freakout Club - Bologna, IT
5/15/2018 L'Usine – Geneva, CH
5/16/2018 JuHa West – Stuttgart, DE