Hear Graf Orlock, Kings of "Cinemagrind," Return With "A Man Called Suicide" | Revolver

Hear Graf Orlock, Kings of "Cinemagrind," Return With "A Man Called Suicide"

Fusing grind, hardcore and action-movie samples, new song is right amount of funny mixed with right amount of brutal

Doesn't anyone like to have fun anymore? Of course, metal and punk are serious genres, but at the same time there are few things that are better than a band that doesn't take itself too seriously. Graf Orlock are one of those bands, and thank god for them.

The SoCal outfit has been kicking around for more than a decade now, dubbing its music "cinemagrind" — a mutation of grindcore based on ridiculous action-film samples and soundtracks. They've been copied a few times over the years, but make no mistake that Graf Orlock are the original, and one of the most entertaining bands in heavy music. Whether covering a certain dinosaur movie theme song or sampling audio from a sequel to a shitty action film, these boys understand bad humor perfectly, and weave it into their well-crafted songs to create the ultimate homage/snide remark.

Graf Orlock's latest LP is called Examination of Violent Cinema, Volume 1, and features 12 tracks that follow the path of their previous work with the main curve ball being that the whole thing is based on "12 violent 2017 movies." On its own, Graf Orlock's furious approach to grind is enough to take note, but in the context of their subject matter and sample choices, it's straight genius. We are proud to premiere the new track "A Man Named Suicide" from the forthcoming album, available for order via the band's own Vitriol Records. See if you can identify the film that they are discussing.