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Watch French President Host Grindcore Band Ultra Vomit at Palace

The result of a bet Emmanuel Macron lost to French comedians McFly and Carlito

French President Emmanuel Macron now has something in common with your local crust-punks: both of them have hosted a grindcore band at their respective houses. The 43-year-old politician sat and watched as a French grind band called Ultra Vomit played in a garden at his Elysee palace. 

According to Reuters, the performance was the result of a bet that Macron lost to French comedians McFly and Carlito. Back in February, the president pledged that if the famous YouTubers garnered 10 million views on a video promoting social distancing, masks and hand-washing, then he'd allow them to film an episode of their series at his private palace. The goofballs met their goal, and Macron obliged by letting them film a 36-minute video that features a tour of his home and humorous chit-chat with the two hosts. 

At the end of the video, the three men took their seats in a flower-filled courtyard while Ultra Vomit played a guttural grind cover of the French lullaby "A Green Mouse" ("Une souris verte"). McFly and Carlito don't look like metalheads, but they still managed to get up and mosh a little bit while Macron tried his best to look like he didn't want to plug his ears and run away screaming.

It's pretty hysterical and the song actually kicks ass. Check it out above via YouTube.