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Hear Greg Puciato-Led Trio the Black Queen's Electronic Slow Jam "Your Move"

Latest cut from ex-Dillinger Escape Plan singer comes paired with disturbing yet erotic video

Post–Dillinger Escape Plan, singer Greg Puciato has taken a sharp turn into a dark, chilled-out, R&B-tinged sound with his new electronic project the Black Queen. In an interview and video premiere with Consequence of Sound, Puciato muses on the inspiration behind the group's latest single "Your Move," a sexy, inky-smooth minimalist track set to a disturbing yet erotic video featuring a human form slowly writhing under a restrictive netting material while abstract black-and-white paint splotches fill the screen for a beautiful yet unsettling experience.

The TBQ frontman places the ambient song's origins to a flight home from India in late 2017 during Dillinger's final tour: "I took a bit of a half nap, couldn't really sleep but managed to get into the perfect midway zone, where abstract ideas form and you're still able to grab them, and managed to grab one."

"The song is a reference to the intoxication felt when encountering someone similar, and realizing that you have the mutual ability to be open and vulnerable and unguarded with each other in a way you don't seem to be able to with many others," he continued, "but then the resultant crushing stalemate when you realize that those same traits will keep it from ever progressing beyond a certain point." The dizzying track successfully mimics the effect of an electrifying connection between would-be lovers, and the harrowing recognition of such a feeling's impermanence is reflected in the sorrow of Puciato's voice. 

The Black Queen's new album Infinite Games is set for release tomorrow and is available for purchase on iTunes and Bandcamp. The group's only U.S. date before they alight for a U.K./European tour is also set for that date, in Los Angeles at 1720, but check back on TBQ's official site for announcements regarding future dates. 

Below, watch Dillinger Escape Plan's insane live cover of Depeche Mode, with the Deftones' Chino Moreno, from 2013: