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Hear NYC Noise-Rockers HAAN Channel Early Clutch on New Song "Hyena Moan"

Throw in a little Queens of the Stone Age, too

New York City has brought the world more than its fair share of filthy, grimy noise-rock, from Swans to Helmet to Unsane. HAAN — who fittingly take their name from a Korean term signifying "collective feelings of isolation, injustice, melancholy, and insurmountable oppression" — follow in those muck-caked footsteps on their forthcoming album By the Grace of Blood and Guts, due August 10th and available for pre-order now via Aqualamb records. On new song "Hyena Moan," however, the band evoke the gnarled swagger of two non-NYC bands: Maryland's Clutch, in their earliest and burliest incarnation, and California's Queens of the Stone Age, before they became a Mark Ronson–produced dance act. Check it out above, along with its sparse, high-energy live music video, which nods to Nine Inch Nails' classic "March of the Pigs" clip and was shot with iPhones using anamorphic lenses and stabilization gimbals.

"When discussing the direction of the 'Hyena Moan' video with Aqualamb, the idea was to portray the overall minimalist and simplistic aesthetic of HAAN as accurately as possible," bassist Dave Maffei says. "We have never used walls of amps, light shows or smoke machines. The concept is to be as stark and immediate as possible. What you see is exactly who we are."

Below, see By the Grace of Blood and Guts's cover art (executed by vocalist Chuck Berrett) and the album's track listing.

haan cover art

By the Grace of Blood and Guts track list:
1. Thy Tongues
2. Hyena Moan
3. It Smells Like Gas
4. Zero Day
5. The Woke
6. Hangdog
7. Diminuendo
8. Funeral Song