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Hear I Prevail's Insanely Catchy New Song "Bad Things"

Second single from Grammy-nominated band's upcoming album 'True Power'

Revolver has teamed with I Prevail for an exclusive vinyl variant of True Power on "what's underneath" colored wax — limited to 400 copies. Get yours from our shop!

Last month, I Prevail blew our minds open with an impressively heavy new song called "Body Bag" that turned every aspect of their sound up to 11 — screamed vocals, bludgeoning riffage, stomach-churning drops and even a fucking blast beat! But life is all about balance, and now the Grammy-nominated band have dropped another single from their new album, True Power (out next month), that swings in the exact opposite direction.

"Bad Things" is an insanely catchy track that features the band's signature cocktail of Weeknd-style pop-R&B singing and rubbery metal instrumentation. It's a banger, just a different type of banger. Listen while you watch its video above via YouTube. 

True Power is due out August 19th via Fearless Records and is currently available for pre-order in a variety of formats. One of those is a Revolver-exclusive vinyl variant on "what's underneath" colored wax that's limited to just 400 copies worldwide. Get yours from our shop!

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