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Hear Ilsa's Hateful New Doom & Roll Song "The Devils"

From D.C. band's upcoming split EP with Greta

Like a runaway eighteen wheeler filled to the brim with nitroglycerine, Ilsa's approach is as heavy as it is explosive and terrifying. Taking notes from bands like Celtic Frost, Cianide and Asphyx, the D.C.-based band does doom & roll in the right way — never slowing down, never relenting and always riffy and fierce. Ilsa has teamed with like-minded band Greta for a new split EP, which is available digitally and in a extremely limited-edition cassette format limited to a scant 100 copies.

The split, produced by Kevin Bernsten and mastered by Brad Boatright, features the leadoff track "The Devils," a perfect example of the band's beyond fierce and hateful freight train sound. You can practically see vocalist Orion's neck veins bulge as he belts out the evil vocals, all while backed by a glorious chunk of distorted hate peppered with mean riffs propelling the track forward. Stream it for the first time above and check out details on the release below.

Get your copy of the cassette only at the merch tables during the band's upcoming dates. See track listing and tour dates below.

Ilsa / Greta EP


The Devils (3:22)

Forsaken (1:18)
Aphorisms (1:38)
Tulip Staircase (1:52)
Thanatron (0:58)
Myopicon (0:44)

11/16 San Diego// Space 
11/17 Los Angeles// Los Globos
11/18 Oakland// Golden Bull
11/19 Sacramento// Blue Lamp
11/20 Portland// High Water Mark
11/21 Seattle// High Line