Hear LEFT TO SUFFER's nu-deathcore anthem featuring SCARYPOOLPARTY | Revolver

Hear LEFT TO SUFFER's nu-deathcore anthem featuring SCARYPOOLPARTY

First single off Atlanta group's upcoming 'Leap of Death' album

Self-described "nu-deathcore" group Left to Suffer are bringing pop-world ambition to their latest blast-and-frack piece, "Forever." It helps when you're collaborating on the track with former American Idol contestant Alejandro Aranda, a.k.a. Scarypoolparty.

The song is the first preview of the Atlanta group's forthcoming Leap of Death full-length, which hits this summer. Coming off 2023's ferocious Noah EP, the opening moments of "Forever" are a bit of a shock, mostly arriving as a light therapy lamp of synth-and-guitar subtlety and some soft singing from Aranda. Then, as you can hear above, the heaviness goes full tilt.

Ultimately, it's a surreal whirl of detuned excess and arena-ready singalongs, batting Scarypoolparty's croon into Left to Suffer vocalist Taylor Barber's gnarly, deathcore expertise.

While the full details are forthcoming, Leap of Death's release date is official: August 16th.

There's more in the works from Barber and Aranda, however: Just weeks ago, it was announced that the two are likewise collaborating in a project called Seven Hours After Violet (S.H.A.V.), along with System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian. Stay tuned for more on that.