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Hear Light This City Break 10-Year Hiatus with New Melodic-Death Ripper

"A Grotesque Reflection" is California band’s first single off anticipated 'Terminal Bloom' LP

Last September, Light This City put an end to their decade-long hiatus with news of an impending fifth LP, the death metallers' first studio effort in over a decade. Today, March 29th, the Bay Area band have at last unveiled all the juicy details regarding the upcoming full-length: Terminal Bloom, the follow-up to 2008's Stormchaser, hits shelves May 25th via co-founding drummer Ben Murray's Creator-Destructor label. They've also unleashed its punishing first single, "A Grotesque Reflection."

Inspired by the myth of Charon — known by the ancient Greeks as the ferryman of hell, tasked with helping mortals cross over to the afterlife — "A Grotesque Reflection" finds vocalist Laura Nichol grappling with existential angst and certain death, her bandmates conjuring a desperate, churning maelstrom behind her. "The line 'We have always been his passengers' alludes to feeling like normal life — 'life' and death in the underworld are actually the same thing," she explains.

"So, when I die, and I'm about to approach this hellish place after my death — well, what makes that so different from the life I just came from?" the singer concludes. "Your reflection in the waters of the underworld is really just a distorted visage of the same reflection you looked at every day in your normal life."

Pre-order Terminal Bloom ahead of its street date, and read on for the album artwork and track listing.

Light This City - Terminal Bloom track listing:

01. "Reality In Disarray"
02. "A Grotesque Reflection"
03. "Dormant Tide" 
04. "Terminal Bloom"
05. "Death Downwind" 
06. "Agents Of Fate" 
07. "Extinguished" 
08. "The Wake Of My Will"
09. "Neverlanding"
10. "Wildheart"