Hear LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland's surprise new solo album | Revolver

Hear LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland's surprise new solo album

'Mutiny on the Starbarge' features Borland's brother on cello and string arrangements

On top of Limp Bizkit's six albums — including their most recent, 2021's STILL SUCKSWes Borland is a wildly prolific artist who has released wide-ranging music under various monikers including Big Dumb Face, Black Light Burns, Eat the Day, Goatslayer and his own name.

Today (March 10th), he surprise-released his latest eponymous offering, the full-length Mutiny on the Starbarge. Far from his funky, nu-metal riffery in Bizkit, Mutiny is a spacey, soundtrack-like excursion in the vein of his other solo material. It's also a family affair, featuring contributions from Wes' brother and Big Dumb Face bandmate, Scott Thomas Borland. Stream the album above via YouTube.

"My brand new solo album Mutiny on the Starbarge is out today!" Borland commented on Instagram. "Surprise. I've been chipping away at this one since last summer. My brother Scott Thomas Borland contributed cello and string arrangements to several tracks as well."

Later this month, Borland and Bizkit will head across the pond to play their rescheduled U.K. and European headline tour, with Wargasm and Blackgold opening. They're also set to perform at select U.S. festivals this year, including May's Bamboozle in New Jersey and July's Inkcarceration in Ohio.

Additionally, Bizkit have launched pre-orders for the new "Gold Disc" and "Silver Disc" CD editions of STILL SUCKS. You can snag yours here.