Hear MYRKUR's new blackened synth-pop song "Mothlike" | Revolver

Hear MYRKUR's new blackened synth-pop song "Mothlike"

From Danish folk-metal singer's new album 'Spine'

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Myrkur is here to take her fanbase on a ride. In 2020, the Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun released her third album, Folkesange, which was significantly softer and more folky than her previous black-metal opuses, Mareridt and M

Next month, Myrkrur will release her fourth album, Spine, and after sharing a transcendant lead single that returned to her blackened folk form, she's pulled another left-turn with today's (September 14th) track "Mothlike."

In it, Bruun sings atop a pulsating electronic beat and celestial synths to create what sounds like some kind of mystical disco song. Then, the clouds darken and rumbles of metallic noise enter the fray, fusing with the synth-pop sounds to create a wildly refreshing blend of heavy and light. 

Watch its eerie video while you listen above via YouTube. 

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