Hear Norma Jean's Glitchy New Song "Call for the Blood" | Revolver

Hear Norma Jean's Glitchy New Song "Call for the Blood"

Metalcore vets announce new album 'Deathrattle Sing for Me'

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We last heard from the metalcore vets Norma Jean back with their 2019 album, All Hail, and now they've announced its follow-up, Deathrattle Sing for Me. Their ninth LP overall, the band say this one is influenced by White Zombie's La Sexorcisto, Alice in Chains' Dirt and Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream — so not their typical hardcore and metalcore influences.

The whole thing's being previewed with an catchy yet glitchy lead single titled "Call for Blood," and it's definitely pretty hard to pin down and sounds a bit outside the band's usual wheelhouse. Take a listen above via YouTube. 

"Accept that everything is a draft," frontman Cory Brandan said of the track. "It helps to get it done. We banded together to make this record and to me, this song is the rallying cry. Composed by my brother, [co-producer] Matthew [Putman], this song was written around a single idea, altered heavily in post, and then mimicked by us.

"The studio and post-production elements acted as an instrument. The experimentation and the process behind this track was a major point of inspiration for many other things we ended up doing throughout Death Rattle Sing for Me. I feel like Matthew wrote this song with my voice in mind and I wanted to do something very unique over it. Dangerous rock 'n' roll! Blast it!"

Deathrattle Sing for Me is available for pre-order now in a variety of formats, including a Revolver-exclusive 2LP silver vinyl variant that's limited to 300 copies worldwide. Order yours from our shop

Deathrattle Sing for Me tracklisting: 
"Call For The Blood"
"Spearmint Revolt"
"Memorial Hoard"
"Aria Obscura"
"W W A V V E"
"A Killing Word"
"Penny Margs"
"Sleep Explosion"