Hear ORBIT CULTURE's new 3-song EP 'The Forgotten' | Revolver

Hear ORBIT CULTURE's new 3-song EP 'The Forgotten'

Follow-up to Swedish metallers' 2023 album 'Descent'

Orbit Culture are finishing 2023 with a bang. Earlier this year, the Swedish metallers dropped their new album, Descent, which ranked among Revolver readers' most anticipated albums of 2023.

Today (December 1st), they're saying thank you to all of their loyal fans with a brand new EP called The Forgotten. The three-song project features two tracks, "The Upheaval" and "Sound of the Bell," that were written during the Descent sessions, and another, called "While We Serve," that they banged out after a recent tour with Avatar.

Listen to all three monstrously heavy tracks above and below via YouTube.

"These last two to three years have really changed our lives," frontman Niklas Karlsson commented. "Everything goes so fast that it is sometimes difficult to stand back and put some perspective on it. You're always on the hunt for the next thing.

"Coming home from this busy year, everything starts to creep in; for example, we opened up for Meshuggah six times, month-long tours with Avatar in the U.S. two times, and had a blast for two weeks in the U.K. supporting Trivium.

"It's hard to understand still, remembering that you've looked up to these bands for so many years, and now you're out there becoming friends with them? It's surreal. And the backbone of it all is, of course, our beloved fans, who I believe would go through fucking fires for us.

"They are the most dedicated and supportive group of people I've ever seen, and everyone is so lovely and polite. We wouldn't be here without them and this EP is for them."

Earlier this year, Orbit Culture teamed with Revolver for an exclusive colored vinyl variant of Descent, limited to 500 copies. You can still pick up a copy from our shop