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Hear Rising Metalcore Act Renounced's Scorching New Song "In a Years Turning"

U.K. upstarts channel Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals and Poison the Well at their best

One of the best young heavy-music acts in the U.K., Renounced are back with another corrosive single, this one titled "In a Years Turning," from their upcoming record Beauty Is a Destructive Angel. Pummeling aggression and razor-edge riffs are tampered by a serene wistfulness that gives the metalcore act — featuring Employed to Serve's Sammy Urwin — a stirring edge. Shining through the fury of the barked vocals are lilting harmonies and soaring guitar licks, all fusing together in rich, complex symmetry. By the time the big, ugly breakdown hits, the group swerve into djenty nu-core, keeping right on trend with the underground movement toward late Nineties nostalgia reworked through the lens of musicians who cut their teeth on the stuff. 

The song's video holds a special significance for the group, as it was shot in the basement of their drummer Jack Bryant's parents' place. It's also where the band first came together, a fact represented in the split use of regular filming techniques and a thermal imaging camera. Vocalist Daniel Gray explains that the group "wanted to make a point that we are all made of the same flesh and blood, all going through life learning and growing. The white-hot flames represent the burning off of our old selves and becoming something new from the ashes." 

Beauty Is a Destructive Angel is due out on Deathwish/Holy Roar Records on September 23rd. You can pre-order your copy here

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Beauty Is a Destructive Angel track listing:  
01. Ghosts 
02. Self Inflicted 
03. In a Years Turning 
04. Saltation 
05. Calloused 
06. Calculated Risk 
07. The Rico Conspiracy 
08. Torchbearer 
09. General Population 
10. Beauty Is a Destructive Angel 
11. A Statue of Frozen Glass