Hear SeeYouSpaceCowboy "Come Out Swinging" on New Song "Armed With Their Teeth" | Revolver

Hear SeeYouSpaceCowboy "Come Out Swinging" on New Song "Armed With Their Teeth"

Sasscore purveyors offer first taste of forthcoming Pure Noise LP

"'Armed With Their Teeth,' being the first song on the record, we wanted to come out swinging," self-described "sasscore" crew SeeYouSpaceCowboy say of their new single, and that they fucking do.

A viscerally piercing, confrontational expression of unfettered queer rage and bombast, the band call the track "one of the more political additions to the record," the forthcoming The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds. Politically charged or not, the grinding metalcore throwback is a welcome aural assault for any fan of dissonant, challenging music. With it comes a stunning clip that waivers between neon and dark, between gritty VHS-style footage and slick, modern digital imagery full of swinging chains, chandeliers, and stacks on stacks of amps, which beautifully backdrop the performance in the foreground.

With their new signing to hardcore and punk stronghold Pure Noise Records, the California quintet aren't pulling punches on this track or their upcoming LP. Guitarist Jesse Price explains, "Art made by queer individuals has always had boundaries of what you can and can't do. We always wanted to push past that and not live in any specific world. We didn't want to hide behind cryptic, artsy writing anymore. This record is unapologetically direct."

The outcome of this no-fucks-given attitude is the thrilling payoff of a young band setting fire to conventions and expanding on their former sound. SYSC describe this new release as a departure from their previous sound that "deals with loss, growth and the struggle to stay alive in a world that seems be be constantly working against you."

Singer Connie Sgabossa is especially virulent in her performance on "Armed With Their Teeth." She says she has no interest in being "pigeonholed as just another trans woman singing political punk ... A lot of these songs were written from an emotional standpoint and really helped me throw my identity out the window. I hold my values true, but my identity doesn't define who I am. I wanted to show I'm more than that." 

Read more about how Sgarbossa found her footing in the DIY punk scene at an early age in this Revolver profile from last year, and pick up SeeYouSpaceCowboy's coming record The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds when it drops September 27th. Pre-orders and merch are available here