Hear SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY embrace emo with "Red Wine and Discontent" | Revolver

Hear SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY embrace emo with "Red Wine and Discontent"

Latest "dirty little secret" off 'Coup De Grâce'

SeeYouSpaceCowboy have been revealing their Coup De Grâce bit by bit over the past month. Now, the post-hardcore explorers have poured out a another preview from the upcoming LP, via a nostalgically Aughts-era emo anthem called "Red Wine and Discontent."

Previewed with a concert footage-loaded visualizer, which you can see up above, "Red Wine and Discontent" continues to play with a bunch of different aesthetics, from noise-skewered breakdowns and sass vocals, to the kind of yearning, melancholy pace of something you might've slid on a burned CD back in the day, alongside My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, or even past SYSC tourmates Silverstein.

Lyrically, the song mixes rose petals with a dash of romantic hopelessness. In peak swoop-banged fashion, vocalist Connie Sgarbossa even gives us a mid-song tip as to when things get especially emotionally crushing: "This is the solemn part."

"This is a song that deals with what it means to be the dirty little secret in an affair and trying to come to terms with that notion while also being critical and wishing to be more," the singer added in a press statement. "It's a song that really pushes through in a frantic but melodic way to me."

As previously noted, Coup De Grâce is out April 19th via Pure Noise Records, and features the previously teased "Respite for a Tragic Tale," "Silhouettes in Motion," and the "To the Dance Floor for Shelter" single with Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante.

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