Hear SUNN O))) hail DEATH's Chuck Schuldiner on new song "Evil Chuck" | Revolver

Hear SUNN O))) hail DEATH's Chuck Schuldiner on new song "Evil Chuck"

Comes paired with "Ron G Warrior," a tribute to late Brotherhood vocalist Ron Guardipee
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photograph by Travis Shinn

Drone-doom titans Sunn O))) — a.k.a. Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley — premiered two new songs today, "Evil Chuck" and "Ron G. Warrior." Both serve as tributes to fallen heroes of heavy metal, respectively, Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner and Ron Guardipee, Anderson's former bandmate in Brotherhood. Crank the songs below via Bandcamp.

"Evil Chuck" and "Ron G. Warrior" also serve as Sunn O)))'s contributions to Sub Pop's Singles Club 7-inch subscription series, which has included Nirvana, Soundgarden, Fugazi, L7, Rollins Band and many more.

The band commented in a joint statement: "In Sunn O)))'s 25th year, this is an extraordinary 'full-circle' moment for us. We grew up in north Seattle, began our musical collaboration in Seattle in the early Nineties, and were raised on the Sub Pop singles series those days. The series had an incredible history, with many of our favorite bands participating.

"It's also Sub Pop's 35th anniversary, Earth 2's 30th anniversary and the Sunn O))) Model T's 50th anniversary this year! Sunn O))) would like to thank Jonathan Poneman, Nick Turner and all of the Sub Pop team for inviting us into this legacy."