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Hear Yeah Yeah Yeahs Guitarist Join Publicist UK Singer on New Electro-Punk Song

Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez drop "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight" in support of new book

In support of their new co-written book 131 Different Things, musicians Zachary Lipez of Publicist UK and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released a two-minute buzzing electronic disco punk bop titled "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight" under the moniker the Different Things. 

Reminiscent of the downtown days of early oughts NYC, the aggressively infectious song features Lipez's unique confrontational but subdued vocal delivery doused in heavy reverb atop simple but driving beats and fuzzed out tones. Catchy and brief, the track begs for repeat listens and refuses to overstay its welcome.

While seemingly absent from the musical portion of the endeavor, the book's designer Stacy Wakefield rounded out the trio with her visual expertise for their second collaboration (the first being 2010's Please Take Me Off The Guest List) by designing exclusive 7-inch records featuring this track and another mentioned in the story, "Steppin' Stone," that were pressed in "the punkest off the grid barn in California." 


Deemed integral to the narrative for detail-obsessed collectors, the songs are meant to enrich the reading experience as they are mentioned as part of the protagonist Sam's experience within. Dubbing themselves The Different Things, Lipez and Zinner recorded together inside a Hollywood studio deconstructed to look like the inside of the bar where the action takes place: Pym's Cup.  

A limited edition pre-order package featuring a numbered and signed copy of the 7-inch, the book (also signed) featuring Lipez's novella Seven Bars, One Nightclub, One Loft & A Diner and Zinner's photographic work inside, and—for the first 50 orders—a signed print of a Nick Zinner original photograph. All are available on the crew's site here and will ship out November 13th. 

'131 Different Things'