Watch Mastodon's Otherworldly New "Fallen Torches" Video | Revolver

Watch Mastodon's Otherworldly New "Fallen Torches" Video

Trippy biomechanical morphing insanity

Back in July, Mastodon unleashed "Fallen Torches," an old-school rager featuring guest vocals by the band's "fifth member" Scott Kelly of Neurosis. The ripping tune appears on the Atlanta crew's lavish, 16-track rarities collection, Medium Rarities, which compiles classic covers, soundtrack contributions, instrumentals, B-sides, live recordings and previously unreleased originals. It's due out September 11th and commemorates the group's 20th anniversary.

To help usher Medium Rarities into the world, Mastodon have teamed with Revolver to unveil the new music video for "Fallen Torches," a psychedelic, biomechanical fever dream straight out of a Ridley Scott or Alex Garland sci-fi flick. Watch the extraterrestrial morphing insanity above. "The video came together in the middle of a pandemic," the band tells us in a joint statement. "We wanted something visually compelling and mind-twisting that didn't require a big physical production, so we hit up our good friends at Hey Beautiful Jerk and they helped us bring it to life."

Speaking of the group's 20th anniversary, Mastodon drummer-singer-songwriter Brann Dailor recently told us, "It's pretty crazy to me. I remember being on my first European tour with Today Is the Day, and we were out there with Neurosis and Voivod. Both those bands had been around for, like, 10 or 15 years at that point, and I thought it was crazy that you could be in a band for that long. When we were in Seattle recording Leviathan, I went to the Melvins' 20th anniversary show, which I thought was an insane amount of time to be in a band. And now here I am." He laughed. "I'm in one of those bands."