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Max Cavalera Recalls Stealing Mic From Pop Band, Stuffing It Down Pants

OG Sepultura singer went to desperate measures to obtain first piece of vocal gear
max cavalera PRESS 2021 Jim Louvau, Jim Louvau
photograph by Jim Louvau

Max Cavalera is a stone-cold metal legend, but he had to overcome dire straits to get there. The former Sepultura frontman, currently of Soulfly, Killer Be Killed and Go Ahead and Die, recalled some of the extreme measures he and his original band had to go to in order to succeed while living in poverty in Brazil.

In a recent interview, Cavalera recalled concocting and executing a plan to secure a microphone from a band that was onstage, stuff it down his pants, and run off with it.

"You know, our first microphone that I actually got, it was like, there was a whole plan," Cavalera recalled during a recent episode of the Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike podcast. "We made a whole plan to go see a pop band. They had a free show in the city, and we went, 'This is the plan. When it's dark on the stage, one of you motherfuckers launch me on the stage. I'll jump and grab the mic and put it in my pants and jump back in the crowd.

"And it fucking worked, man. I fucking jumped in, I grabbed the mic, stuffed it in my pants, jumped back and we were gone. 'Alright, we got a mic.' You know, 'Thank you pop band.' We got we got our first microphone, man. We actually had to do shit like that to survive."

This is just one of the insane anecdotes from a lifetime full of them. Check out a recent episode of our "Fan First" podcast featuring Max and Iggor Cavalera for more crazy tales of the early Sepultura days.