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Maynard James Keenan Clarifies A Perfect Circle's Strict No-Photo Policy

"Unplug and and enjoy the ride"
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If you've attended any of A Perfect Circle's recent shows, you've undoubtedly come across countless signs threatening ejection for fans caught taking photos or videos of any kind during the performance. The band's warnings are hard to miss; concertgoers attending their show in Brooklyn last week found them plastered to chairs, walls and turnstiles, and even displayed on the jumbotron. They're not playing around, either: over 60 attendees were kicked out of APC's show in Reading, Pennsylvania, on November 4th, The Pulse of Radio reports.

Now, frontman Maynard James Keenan has taken to Instagram to address the band's controversial policy. After a fan inquired about the ejections in the comments on a recent Puscifer post, Keenan responded, stating simply: "No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years. Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride." You heard the man: put that iPhone down!

A Perfect Circle's North American tour, which stops off in Boston tonight, is scheduled to run through early December; find a full list of dates here. In addition to older staples like "The Package," "The Outsider" and "3 Libras," the band's latest setlist includes their recent single "The Doomed," which precedes a new album out sometime next year.

Below, watch Maynard James Keenan demonstrate some of the fighting techniques that earned him his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and elaborate on how his lifelong affinity for combat sports is connected with his larger vision of sustainable living, self-sufficiency and creativity.