METALLICA's James Hetfield weighs in on "rock is dead" debate | Revolver

METALLICA's James Hetfield weighs in on "rock is dead" debate

"That is fuel for a hard-rock band"
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photograph by Tim Saccenti

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Metallica's James Hetfield recently guested on the Australian news program and talk show The Project, and was asked to weigh in on the continuing question of whether "rock is dead." Specifically, the host put forth that frequent claim — which has been made by everyone from KISS' Gene Simmons to Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner — then followed it up by noting that heavy metal has clearly lived on, prompting the Metallica frontman to explain the genre's staying power.

"Gosh, [heavy metal is] a misfit music," Hetfield responded, thoughtfully. "It's an underground feeling, still. It's like a rebel music. It's a thing you need to fight for. Every decade, [they say] 'rock is dead.' That is fuel for a hard-rock band. Absolutely."

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Watch Hetfield's full appearance on The Project below.