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Mike Portnoy Met Post Malone in Iron Maiden Pit

Metalhead popstar also ran into Phil Demmel at Rock in Rio
Mike Portnoy Post Malone 2022, Mike Portnoy's Instagram
photo courtesy of Mike Portnoy's Instagram

It's been well documented that Post Malone is a real metalhead who does real metalhead things like book Gatecreeper and Turnstile for his own (sadly postponed) music festival, collaborate with Ozzy Osbourne, scream Pantera's "Walk" at karaoke, and most recently, watch Iron Maiden from the ground level while they performed at Brazil's Rock in Rio festival. 

Over the weekend, the pop rapper was rocking out in the artist pit of the massive festival when he was spotted by Sons of Apollo (and former Dream Theater) drummer Mike Portnoy and Vio-Lence shredder Phil Demmel. 

"This pic deserves its own post as it's so cool, random and unexpected," Portnoy wrote in an Instagram post alongside a photo of him and a giddy Post Malone. "Pretty crazy to be in the artist pit at Rock in Rio watching Iron Maiden and looking over my shoulder to see Post Malone rocking out next to me! I always figured he was a cool dude when I saw his knuckle tats paying tribute to misc dead rockers (Dimebag, Cobain, Lennon, Harrison, SRV, etc)."

Demmel, who's currently filling in with Lamb of God on some live dates, shared his own picture with Posty from the same artist pit. So as always, even though Post Malone doesn't make metal music himself, the dude clearly has a genuine enjoyment for the genre and likes to participate whenever he can. See both the pics below.