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See "Nu-Core" Upstarts Tallah's Unhinged New "We, the Sad" Video

P.A. band features Mike Portnoy's son on drums, YouTube phenom on vocals

Pennsylvanian insurgents Tallah have been making headlines lately due in part to the fact that their lineup includes Mike Portnoy's son Max on drums and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz on vocals — the latter's "How to Scream (10 Different Techniques)" video has racked up nearly 3 million views. But the group, rounded out by guitarist Derrick Scheider and bassist Andrew Cooper, merit attention based on their unhinged, hydra-headed sound, as well, a sound that the band describes as "nu-core," a nod to their simultaneous love of nu-metal-era favorites such as Slipknot, Korn and Linkin Park and modern metallic hardcore leaders like Code Orange, Vein and Candy. Today (July 2nd), Tallah have teamed with Revolver to unleash the creepy, hyper-kinetic music video for their freshly released cut "We, the Sad," the latest single off their upcoming debut album, Matriphagy, due out October 2nd via Earache Records. Watch and listen above.

Musically, "We, the Sad" finds the band leaning into their Korn influence before launching into a Knocked Loose-worthy breakdown; Bonitz, meanwhile, explores his full vocal arsenal, from snarling muttering to anguished whines to vein-bursting roars. "When we were in the studio with Josh [Schroeder, producer], we tweaked the songs from [2018 EP] No One Should Read This so they had a more connected feel with all the other songs on Matriphagy," Cooper tells us. "We got to create a bigger sound and remove some drum samples, add different effects and turntables. 'We, the Sad' has a sound that's definitely evolved and escalated over time and in the studio."

Matriphagy is available for pre-order now.