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Pallbearer's Cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" Might Be Better Than the Original

Hear Arkansas doomsayers' epic reimagining of classic 'The Wall' cut

A good rule of thumb for covers is don't do them — unless you are either 1) completely revamping the song and giving it a different feel and sound, or 2) improving on the original. Pallbearer has definitely achieved No. 1, and only time will tell if Pallbearer have done No. 2, but we'll be damned if they aren't pretty close. 

The Arkansas crew have taken on the Pink Floyd favorite "Run Like Hell," one of the highlights of 1979's The Wall, and given it their own riffy feel, bringing the classic-rock staple into the now. Instead of David Gilmour's simple reverb-heavy guitar lick, the melodic-doom quartet opts for a chugging, churning approach, leaning heavily on the gallop that exists in the original and bringing it to the forefront. And don't worry, there are plenty of Pallbearer-isms to spare, from the soaring guitars to the masterful vocals. Stream it below, but crank it to almost painful volume first — you'll thank us later.

Pallbearer's "Run Like Hell" cover is part of a Pink Floyd The Wall tribute album by Magnetic Eye called THE WALL [REDUX], a stoner/doom-leaning compilation of tracks that match that of the iconic LP. Joining Pallbearer are names that range from the Melvins to Mark Lanegan to Ruby the Hatchet, each taking one of the album's classic cuts. Check out the full track listing below. 

For their part, Pallbearer are (forever) on tour — you catch them at the dates below and pray that this burner becomes part of their regular set-list rotation.

the wall redux album cover

THE WALL [REDUX] track list:
Side A
1. In the Flesh? - The Melvins
2. The Thin Ice -  Low Flying Hawks
3. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1 - Ghastly Sound
4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives - Sergeant Thunderhoof
5. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 - Sasquatch
6. Mother - ASG

Side B
1. Goodbye Blue Sky - Mos Generator
2. Empty Spaces - Domkraft
3. Young Lust - The Slim Kings
4. One of My Turns - Worshipper
5. Don't Leave Me Now - Spaceslug
6. When the Tigers Broke Free - Year of the Cobra
7. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 / Goodbye Cruel World - Greenleaf

Side C
1. Hey You - Summoner
2. Is There Anybody Out There? - Scott Reeder
3. Nobody Home - Mark Lanegan
4. Vera - Ruby the Hatchet
5. Bring the Boys Back Home - Sunflo'er
6. Comfortably Numb - Mars Red Sky

Side D
1. The Show Must Go On - Open Hand
2. In the Flesh - Solace
3. Run Like Hell - Pallbearer
4. Waiting for the Worms - WhiteNails
5. Stop - Blue Heron
6. The Trial - Church of The Cosmic Skull
7. Outside the Wall - Yawning Man

Pallbearer tour dates:
September 14 - Montreal, QC - Petit Campus *
September 15 - Toronto ON - Lee's Palace *
September 16 - Detroit MI - Magic Stick *
September 18 - Chicago IL - Bottom Lounge *
September 19 - Minneapolis MN - Turf Club *
September 21 - Denver CO - Bluebird *
September 22 - Salt Lake City UT - Metro *
September 24 - Calgary AB - Dickens *
September 25 - Edmonton AB - Starlite *
September 27 - Vancouver BC - Rickshaw *
September 28 - Seattle WA - El Corazon *
September 29 - Portland OR - Hawthorne *
October 1 - San Francisco CA - Slim's *
October 3 - Phoenix AZ - Rebel Lounge *
October 5 - Austin TX - Barracuda *
October 6 - Dallas TX - Trees *
October 7 - Houston TX - White Oak *
October 13 - San Bernardino, CA - Glen Helen Amphitheater ^
* w/ Tribulation 
^ w/ System of a Down, Incubus, At The Drive In, Clutch, Skeletonwitch