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ROBERT TRUJILLO picks favorite METALLICA album

"It's just got everything I love about Metallica"
rob trujillo metallica HUBBARD live, Jimmy Hubbard
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Robert Trujillo was a longtime fan of Metallica before he joined the band. The bassist — formerly of Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy Osbourne's live band and more — joined the Bay Area thrash titans in 2003, and has been a valued member of the quartet ever since. 

However, Trujillo can still speak about Metallica from a fan's perspective, and in a recent interview with Rocket Beans TV, he revealed the record he would pick if he could only listen to one 'Tallica album for the rest of his life — and no, he didn't just cop-out and pick the band's newest record, 72 Seasons

"Well, I'm gonna take 72 Seasons out of the equation right now because that's not fair, because that would be the album I would choose right now," Trujillo said, as transcribed by Blabbermouth. "But I would have to say … That's a tough one right there. I'm gonna go for Master Of Puppets.

"I feel Master Of Puppets has a lot of everything. It's got instrumentals, it's got great segues, great riffs. It's got one of my favorite songs ever by Metallica, and that song is 'Disposable Heroes.' So any time I can hear that particular song, count me in. 'Battery' is an amazing song.

"So it's just got everything that I love about Metallica."

Good pick! See Trujillo speak his answer below.