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See Absurd New Nekrogoblikon Video Directed by Dethklok's Brendon Small

Oddly heartwarming clip features exploding heads, family drama, lollipop-loving goblins, more

Nekrogoblikon are gearing up to release their new album Welcome to Bonkers on April 13th. In anticipation, the monster-loving death metallers have teamed up with Brendon Small (of Dethklok and Galaktikon fame) to unveil an absurd music video for "Dressed as Goblins," one of the tracks set to appear on the forthcoming LP.

Conceived as the follow-up to the band's similarly ambitious 2012 video "No One Survives," Small's cinematic "Dressed as Goblins" visual follows Nekrogoblikon mascot John Goblikon as he embarks on a magical, emotional quest to bury his late father. We soon learn that — despite being the deadbeat black sheep (err ... green meanie) of the family — he was his father's favorite, thereby entitling him to a fat inheritance. Goblikon's bullying siblings aren't too pleased, and a battle ensues. Unfortunately for the humans, the prodigal son's been practicing dark magic on his smoking paraphernalia.

"Brendon came up with a dark and emotional yet absurdly hilarious story about John Goblikon that really highlighted everything we've loved about the character," Nekrogoblikon guitarist Alex Alereza says of Small's concept for the video. "His vision was crystal clear and extremely ambitious, which isn't surprising given his past work, so we were more than happy to just let him run with it. With narrative-style videos like this and our first one ['No One Survives'], the treatment comes first and then we choose the song that we feel best complements the story. In this case that song was 'Dressed as Goblins.'"

You can pre-order Nekrogoblikon's Welcome to Bonkers here.