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See Anatomy Channel Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy in New "Incel" Video

NYC industrial project's latest single and visual are not for the faint of heart

In case you were confused, living under a rock or just plain not paying attention, the Nineties are back in full swing. From oversized shirts to the nu-metal and screamo revivals to the re-re-deification of Marilyn Manson by the mainstream, we're seeing tons of tropes from the era reemerge — in the best cases, with a fresh spin put on them or deconstructed, pushing them into new and exciting places.

A great example of this comes in the form of Anatomy's new single "Incel" and its utterly fascinating and unmissably grotesque new video. Anatomy is the industrial solo project of Jenna Rose, also a member of anarcho-death-rock killers Pawns, where she explores the razor's edge between noise, darkwave and pop music. The former's new video takes the look and feel of the iconic Nineties videos for "The Beautiful People" and "Closer," adds in a bit of Saw to up the extremity and connects the dots with lightning-fast jump cuts. As compelling as it is, the clip would be nothing but window dressing if the track didn't burn, which it does, combining the alluring hard drum loops found in classic tracks by the Prodigy with the furious melodicism of early Nine Inch Nails.

Listen and watch for the first time above — the single is culled from an upcoming split with NYC favorites (and another must-see live act) Blu Anxxiety, due on Synthicide Records on January 16th. Anatomy plan to hit the road later this year, with details still to be announced — get a sense of where they'll be when below.

Anatomy, 2019

Anatomy live dates:
January 15 2020: Saint Vitus Bar with Blu Anxxiety Ces Cadáveres, Fairygod, Kreature, Posterboy 2000
February 2020: Mexico with HIDE & NGHTCRWLR (dates TBA)
March 2020: West Coast and Southwest tour (dates TBA)