For fans of NIN and MINISTRY: Hear PUREST FORM's new industrial-metal rager "Broke" | Revolver

For fans of NIN and MINISTRY: Hear PUREST FORM's new industrial-metal rager "Broke"

Band features members of Fury, Choking on Ash and more

If you ever wished that Nine Inch Nails' Broken EP had at least one more song, you're gonna wanna blast the debut single from Purest Form. The L.A. trio features vocalist Story Beeson (Choking on Ash, Vacant Future), guitarist-programmer Madison Woodward (Fury, Object of Affection)and bassist Riley Joyner (Roman Candles, Pocketknife), and as heard on "Broke," they make industrial metal that's both gnarly and danceable.

The song arrived today along with a fittingly gritty, VHS-style music video filmed in a basement in the San Gabriel Valley by Kristopher Kirk and Jeremy Stith. Watch and listen above.

Beeson commented of "Broke": "It's about the fear of artificial intelligence and the possibilities it could hold for further separating us from ourselves and from each other in society. I've been afraid of AI for years. There's a dystopian idea that your authentic self could be replaced by something artificial. Technology could take us away from our true selves. That's the root of industrial music to me."

The vocalist added, "Music is supposed to set you free. Day to day, we're all subduing ourselves to function — what's the point of music if it's not to set you free? Don't be afraid to look like a freak."

"Broke" appears on Purest Form's forthcoming self-titled EP, which is due out March 7th. You can catch the band's first-ever live show on February 9th at Los Angeles' Genghis Cohen.