See Apocalyptica Explore Doomsday World in Video for New Song "En Route to Mayhem" | Revolver

See Apocalyptica Explore Doomsday World in Video for New Song "En Route to Mayhem"

Finnish cello rockers offer up latest instrumental cut off 'Cell-0' LP

As their name hints, Finnish heavy-metal cello quartet Apocalyptica have no fear of pondering the end of days and what will happen after society collapses. Their stunning video for the epic new instrumental "En Route to Mayhem" imagines an eerily beautiful scenario in which just that has happened, focusing in on the details of what's left behind — from piles of bones and rubbish to plant life grown anew — as the galloping and, at times, thrashy symphonic cut soundtracks the viewer's trip through the post-doomsday landscape.  

"'En Route to Mayhem' is a journey of hedonic needs growing into greed and aggression driving into inner mayhem and ending without satisfaction," explains founding member Eicca Toppinen. "This video underlines the fact that however we think we are in control by destroying things and life around us, life itself will take over in the end, always." 

"We are not in control of the bigger picture," he continues, "and we should be aware of it and raise our respect to life around us."

"En Route to Mayhem" comes from Apocalyptica's upcoming full-length Cell-0, which is due out January 10th via Silver Lining Music and is the group's first instrumental effort in 17 years. You can pre-order a copy in all its various forms now, and check out the band's energetic live show when they embark on a January 2020 tour starting in Europe and landing stateside early May. Tickets and a full list of locations are available via Apocalyptica's website.