See BARBIE star in AVENGED SEVENFOLD's bonkers new "Mattel" video | Revolver

See BARBIE star in AVENGED SEVENFOLD's bonkers new "Mattel" video

Stop-motion visual for Deathbat Crew's 'Life Is but a Dream...' song

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Earlier this week, Avenged Sevenfold began cryptically posting a series of bizarre, stop-motion videos that featured various Barbie characters — including toy versions of the Deathbat crew — in off-kilter comedy sketches. 

Nothing about the skits were directly related to the band's music, but with a song on their most recent album, Life Is but a Dream..., song being titled "Mattel" — the toy empire that created Barbie — we just had a hunch that a music video was in the works. We were right. 

Today (September 21st), A7X have dropped a full-fledged music video for "Mattel" that features more stop-motion Barbie mayhem — including flaming Barbies! 

The visual was directed by Zoe Katz, known for her work on the Adult Swim stop-motion show Robot Chicken, and you can watch above via YouTube.


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