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See Clutch's Neil Fallon Battle Demon Lawyers in New "Ghoul Wrangler" Video

Maryland rockers take on slimy litigators from hell in violent, goofy clip

Clutch singer Neil Fallon takes on a new role, as an armed redneck whose only aim is to round up and kill the diabolical lawyers who have congregated in his barn in the goofy new video for "Ghoul Wrangler," off the band's most recent record, Book of Bad Decisions. The video fades in as the singer sits in a cabin with a stereotypical Appalachian sleeping cap on his head while he reads a book. Quickly he's alerted to the presence of "lawyers in the barn" and suits up in his best hunting gear to drag some intimidating weapons outside to take on the pesky intruders. Done up in silly special effects makeup like slimy, bile-spewing demons from the underworld, 13 of the creatures are found to be feasting on Fallon's hog and he gets to work knocking them off. While one nearly gets the best of him, the bearded frontman uses his trusty book of folk magic to do in the last of the soul-sucking ghouls before standing triumphantly to face the camera, weapon proudly propped on his shoulder. 

The video ties into a promotional item fans might remember from the physical album: a business card for the "Ghoul Wrangler" that featured a number to call where listener messages were recorded and are now being shared on Clutch's social media pages. For those holding a card, the line is still active and accepting calls. 

Next up for Clutch is a month-long U.S. and Canada tour with Seattle sludge outfit Big Business and France's the Inspector Cluzo providing support. Find a full list of dates and ticketing information on this location; you can pick up a copy of the Book of Bad Decisions via the band's own label Weathermaker Music.