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See Dark-Synth Act LVXURI Explore Decadence, Dominance in Intoxicating New Video

Ides of Gemini, Black Mare's Sera Timms unveils "Decussata" from chilling new electronic project

Sera Timms has spent the past few years building a repertoire with acclaimed groups like Ides of Gemini and Black Mare, but her latest project sees the singer and bassist take on the electronic world with the hypnotic, stylish indulgence of LVXURI, a dark synthwave act whose new video "Decussata" is an adventure in grandeur and Sapphic sensual gratification sure to turn some heads. 

Rife with sexual themes with heavy BDSM touches like lace-up patent leather boots and light force-feeding, the video and song blend seamlessly into an intoxicating experience to stimulate and capture the viewer in an exhibition fantasy come true. There's no beating around the bush here, this is in your face exaltation through submission and the gleeful joy of a sinister Dominant using her pet, all set to the swirling vocals of the mysterious and glamorous character Aurora Dawn flowing loosely from scene to scene, dancing freely in one and lying flat in the next. 

Luscious and decadent with a touch of domination and cruelty, the clip's rich jewel tones and carefully chosen textures — velvet, shiny gold swirls in fabric and wallpaper, opulent vintage furniture — are reflected in the song's entrancing echoes and breathy susurrations. Samples seem chosen for their ability to elicit a physical response, like running a feather down one's spine to create goosebumps; it's pure ASMR in song format. The trancelike reverberations that ebb and flow from the bare-bones backbeat are perfectly balanced by Mx. Dawn's longing, wistful vocals. Who needs drugs when experiences like this exist?