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See Extreme-Metal Crew the Machinist Exact Gory Revenge in "No Peace" Video

Former 'Face Off' contestant Kelly Harris provides splattery special effects to nasty snuff-film visual

Savagery is the name of the game, and the Machinist have come to win it. With their debut full-length Confidimus in Morte coming soon, the NYC extreme-metal outfit just dropped a brutal peek at what's to come with a video for the track "No Peace." 

Directed by Anthony Simone with special effects by former Face Off contestant Kelly Harris, the video is shot as a POV snuff film rife with horrific body horror being inflicted on what one can safely assume is some abusive asshole who has it coming. The band's singer Amanda Gjelaj is seen taunting and ravaging the tied-up captive, who is covered in a light splashing of blood and bound at the wrists with coarse rope. As the song and action begin to escalate, Gjelaj screams over and over to her prey, "There will be no making peace with God," punctuating the powerful line with violent kicks and punches before lifting him up by the rope with which he's restrained. 

The visceral, almost confessional nature of such a confrontational scene is unsettling and rewarding all at once. To see true revenge exacted by someone with an obvious axe to grind and the skull on which to grind it is a trope that rarely grows old on screen, and to inject that classic with the intimacy of a POV video (even one where the viewer is the victim) gives a thrilling introduction to the relative newcomers in the Machinist. 

Unflinching, acerbic and punishing, the song itself combines hardcore timing and vocal styling with touches of brutal death and even a little eerie operatic sampling to give an interesting edge to the technical licks and bloody disembowelment scene. All in all, this is a fucking winner and proves once more that women are pissed off and ready to take back the genre that's so often cast them aside as a novelty act or unwelcome interlopers. Ending with a deeply satisfying bit where the captor is handed a lighter and made to end his own pain with a fiery death, "No Peace" is a viewing and listening experience that will sit with you for days. 

Confidimus in Morte is due April 12th on Prosthetic Records. You can pre-order and pre-save the album at this location, and check the band's upcoming tour dates below.