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See Felix Martin's Stunning Cover of Tool's "Invincible" on 16-String Guitar

Venezuelan virtuoso builds Frankensteinian instruments to create incredible arrangements

Tool's music has been inspiring people to pick up instruments and make their own music since the release of their debut EP, Opiate, in 1992. That influence continues on today with their latest long player, Fear Inoculum. Los Angeles–based Venezuelan musician Felix Martin recently took things next level, however, by arranging and performing album standout "Invincible" using one of his own self-designed 16-string guitars made by merging two separate instruments into one monstrous beast of an ax. 

"I learned the original song as it is," the Berklee School of Music–educated Martin explains in the video's description, "and then experimented with my techniques and musical ideas to make it sound like the band." The finished rendition is nothing short of incredible, sounding more like a full quartet than one incredibly nimble player — watching the accompanying video above shows off just how dexterously his fingers move. 

Martin, who started playing around 13 years old, says on his website that he "was fascinated about the idea of creating new ideas from scratch," which led to the necessity for him "to create a completely new way of playing the electric guitar, by performing two of them as one." 

Rounding out his trio are bassist Andos San and drummer Siros Varziri, both incredibly adept and nailing the difficult parts with equal ease to their bandleader. The group's YouTube channel is filled with tracks bboth traditional and new, including a recent "Mexican Metal" entry that Martin chose to help expose new audiences to Latin music. He says, "I am always trying to promote Latin American music to foreign audiences. I feel that our music and culture deserves to be better known around the world."

As for Tool, they're currently taking a breather before hitting the road again early next year, with one-man industrial band Author & Punisher in tow.