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See Ghost's Endearingly Awkward Red Carpet Interview at American Music Awards

Where Tobias Forge was referred to as "Mr. Ghost" and charmingly stumbled over his words
Ghost ama red carpet interview screen

Ghost winning an American Music Award definitely wasn't on our 2022 bingo card, and yet here we are. Last night (November 20th), Papa Emeritus IV and the Nameless Ghouls took home the prize in the Favorite Rock Album category — the first-ever AMAs rock category — for this year's Impera, beating out huge names like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay and Machine Gun Kelly.

After the Swedish occult-rockers' unexpected victory was announced, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge strutted out onto the red carpet alongside other popstars and mainstream bigwigs, where he was the subject of a viral Twitter moment when a photographer was captured on video calling him, "Mr. Ghost," as they tried to get his attention.

In addition to being bombarded with flash photography like a member of the Kardashian class, a visibly overwhelmed and humbled Forge was approached by Billboard interviewer Kenzie, who congratulated him on Ghost's big win and asked him a series of generic questions about the night's activities. 

Typically, the people getting interviewed at these AMA red carpet soirees are normie celebrities — not metalhead singers — and Forge appeared charmingly out of his element when he asked Kenzie if she knows when the other rock bands are performing throughout the evening (she didn't have a clue). 

However, the main message Forge wanted to get across was how thankful he is for Ghost's fanbase, who voted him into the AMA nominations and ultimately secured his band's victory. Therefore, Forge said that Ghost's award belongs to his beloved supporters.

"If I could chop it up into however many pieces," Forge said of the American Music Award. "I would just chop it up and give it to our lovely fans. So I'm gonna work out a plan for that."

See the endearing interview with Billboard below, as well as the hilarious "Mr. Ghost" incident.