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See GHOST's ominous new 'Chapter 16' video

"Remember, Jesus is coming!"

Ghost are up to 'Chapter 16' in their ongoing video series, which sees Tobias Forge play several of his iconic characters in a dramatic, lore-building narrative that's been doled out in soap opera-sized bits over the course of several years. The last episode deviated from the storyline to show Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott performing a karaoke version of he and Ghost's new "Spillways" collaboration, but now the narrative has picked up where 'Chapter 14' left off, and things are only getting spookier.

In this one, titled 'Tax Season,' Cardinal Copia is sitting in his room playing a video game when he spies one of the church workers wheeling a shiny new coffin around the premises. Sister Impera calms his nerves and tells him not to worry because "remember, Jesus is coming," and then ... Watch above via YouTube to see what happens.