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See Gloom Rocker King Dude Create "Demented Last Supper" in Haunting New Video

"Time to Go to War" is first stark, beautiful single from forthcoming album 'Music to Make War to'

Steadily, over the course of six albums and various collabs and splits with Chelsea Wolfe, Drab Majesty, Urfaust and more, King Dude has carved out his own niche in the gothic kingdom based on the collective works of Genesis P.Orridge, Nick Cave, Michael Gira and his own various muses. It's a darkly beautiful, yet sinister dominion based on his velvety baritone and whatever instrumentation fits, be it distorted guitar, synth or any of the above.

This time around, King Dude, also known as TJ Cowgill, follows a lonely piano and heavily affected ambient background to a stark and emotional place in "Time to Go to War." Cowgill has nowhere to hide on the track, and his vocals shine with a richness that acts an excellent foil to the lonely piano. This is a beautiful, and beautifully ominous, track with a fittingly grim and mesmerizing video.

"This video was made in collaboration with Shaun Bass and Carmel Koster, who's vision of a demented last supper scene is combined with my fondness of birds, in this case birds of prey," says Cowgill. "Filmed partially in Berlin and partially in the Kiel forests of northern Germany, this will be the first video of three showcasing the first three songs on Music to Make War to."

"Time to Go to War" will appear on King Dude's forthcoming full-length, Music to Make War To, due on August 24th via Van Records

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Music to Make War To Track Listing:

1.     Time To Go To War
2.     Velvet Rope
3.     Good & Bad (feat. Josephine Olivia)
4.     I Don't Write Love Songs Anymore
5.     Dead Before the Chorus
6.     Twin Brother of Jesus
7.     In The Garden
8.     The Castle
9.     Let It Burn
10.   God Like Me