See Imperial Triumphant Channel 'Taxi Driver' in Seedy New Video "Excelsior" | Revolver

See Imperial Triumphant Channel 'Taxi Driver' in Seedy New Video "Excelsior"

NYC avant-metal trio exposes city's grim nocturnal activities in latest 'Alphaville' clip

Revolver has partnered with Imperial Triumphant on an exclusive "Ivory Towers" white vinyl 2LP collector's edition of their latest album Alphaville. There are only 300 units available worldwide — so order yours today!

NYC avant-garde metal outfit Imperial Triumphant's  fourth full-length, Alphaville, is a star-studded affair featuring Meshuggah's Tomas Haake on taiko drums and production from Mr. Bungle's Trey Spruance and Colin Marston (Behold... The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Krallice, Gorguts). So it'll come as no surprise that this is some head-spinning blackened-death-evil-jazz shit.

The band's intoxicating blend of extremity and theatricality also extends to the masked crew's visuals. Today, November 19th, Imperial Triumphant unveiled their latest video creation: the dark love letter to their home city "Excelsior." The clip follows a taxi driver (a la De Niro's iconic Travis Bickle) as he works the night shift and descends into a world full of exhibitionism, overindulgence, violence and mental anguish.

"Many people flock to the big city with golden dreams in their eyes willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, like the ones they see at the top," said bassist Steve Blanco in a statement. "It is the seal of approval; the medieval crest upon which the very fabric of humanity's elevation prevails. The failure and losing streak is a deceptive reality that slowly finds its way as diminishing returns, caught up in the illusory system. Ever upwards!"