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'Almost Famous' actress got grungy

Almost Famous star Kate Hudson is looking to start a glorious music career, with a debut album, which takes that adjective as its title, coming out later this spring. But while the Hollywood veteran's first LP is full of original music, she just flexed her love for Nineties alt-rock on The Howard Stern Show, via a lite-rock take on Stone Temple Pilots' classic "Vasoline."

Hudson's in-studio performance for Stern started off with Glorious single "Gonna Find Out," but when the host noted the band had also sound-checked with STP's Purple standout, they ended up running through the latter again for posterity.

The cover is more simmering than grunge-era seismic, with Hudson's lead vocal landing smokier than the late Scott Weiland's angst-wracked yowl. It's likewise less distortion-frazzled, and puts an emphasis on piano ad-libbing, while the original's manic, pinched-out Dean DeLeo guitar solo is scrubbed out for some lean-and-skronky saxophone. You can catch the remodel up above.

Hudson's Glorious is due May 17th. You can check out the roots-rocky "Gonna Find Out," as well as a runthrough of 'Til Tuesday's Eighties anthem "Voices Carry," down below


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