Hear FU MANCHU's stony new single "The Return of Tomorrow" | Revolver

Hear FU MANCHU's stony new single "The Return of Tomorrow"

Desert rockers blaze through the sands of time

Fu Manchu are ready to smoke out our speakers again, through the release of their The Return of Tomorrow. While the album drops in full this June, the legendary Cali stoner quartet have let loose another preview in the form of its hard-swingin' title track.

What we've got here is some classic perma-baked riffin' from vocalist-guitarist Scott Hill and Co., with the nasty, vintage fuzz-pedal-corroded groove leaving its heavy scent like a bong stain on your favorite shag carpet. Hill drops vaguely ominous, red-eyed prophesying in his verses, while that extra blues-greasy chorus has him humming out the Back to the Future-style song title as a personal mantra.

You can check out Fu Manchu's latest blaze-up above.

As previously reported, The Return of Tomorrow is being delivered as a double-album, with Fu Manchu dropping heavy desert rock on disc one, and a mellower strain of music on disc two.

The Return of Tomorrow is due out June 17th via the band's own At the Dojo Records. You can pre-order the Revolver-exclusive Blue & Magenta vinyl version, limited to 300 copies, over here in our shop.